minisplit installation denver
MiniSplit Installation Guide

Minisplit installation is a modern & fairly easy way to add cooling or heating to your home; Minisplits are a great choice for houses that have no duct work or to condition the air of a specific area. They were designed for this! If you’re considering a minisplit system, please read our recommendations below. We have spent over 30 years

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outdoor ac unit problems
Outdoor AC Unit Not Turning On

Outdoor ac unit is not turning on when it should be; it’s a common issue that’s typically caused by one of the following: Power surges & other grid related incidents The AC compressor overworking (typically caused by a dirty filter) AC capacitors & AC contacters burning out Melted wiring or disconnect box burnout System failure A variety of other causes

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AC Freezing & Pipes Freezing
AC Freezing Guide

AC Freezing or leaking is a common issue that happens for a variety of reasons, including restricted airflow, low refrigerant, weak or failing compressor & a variety of other issues; The good news is that in the majority of cases, it’s caused by a dirty air filter. If you’ve noticed water around your furnace, indoor coil, or copper pipes that

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