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UniColorado Heating and Cooling is the best choice for air conditioning repair services in the greater Denver metro area.
Our friendly and helpful technicians are always available to answer any questions you may have and provide the best solution for your air conditioning system. When you hire us to work your AC system, you will get the best value for your money in Colorado. That’s a guarantee.
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Sorry, we don't work on swamp/evaporative coolers.

Please follow these steps:

  • Change the air filter
  • Turn cooling off & turn fan on in thermostat
  • Dethaw your system for 12-24 hour
  • Turn cooling back on

If the problem persists, feel free to contact us.

To schedule AC service (tune-up or cleaning for 100% functioning units), please visit the link below:


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Sorry, Service calls for roof units online cannot be scheduled online

Please call (303) 997-0097 to discuss further

Please note that you'll be contacted to finalize the date & arrival window for your appointment.

Reasons To Call Us for Air Conditioning Repair In Denver

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Reasonable Pricing

We don’t rely on fake offers and coupons to attract customers. Our pricing is reasonable from the start and lower than most licensed companies in the Denver metro area. That’s a guarantee. Need a rough estimate? Check out our online cost calculator.

Fast Response

We were on-time 97% of the time in 2022. We can handle emergency ac repairs so you don’t suffer in the heat . Schedule online or give us a call at (303) 997-0097 to discuss timing; We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Honest Experts

Our goal for repairs is to get your existing system back up and running as soon as we can at the lowest possible cost to you. If you need an AC replacement or AC installation, our pricing will be the best at a lower cost than other companies will quote you with most durable equipment there is.

Get the AC Checked Today

AC Repair

We provide fast AC repair and other central AC services throughout the greater Denver Metro area.

Residential Customers
$75 Diagnostic Fee*
*Waived with any repair or service from us

Our technician will visit the property, diagnose issues and provide all options and pricing upfront.

Denver AC Repair Costs

We charge $75 to visit your home & diagnose the issue. You’ll be provided with all options possible.

Most of our customers spent around $220 – $810* to repair their central Air conditioning system in 2023*. The total cost to repair a central AC unit can vary widely.

Most Central Air conditioning units require annual service before the AC is turned on in the summer. If your AC unit is not serviced or furnace filter changes are not on-time, AC units can freeze, overwork their compressor or fail altogether prematurely. As the unit ages (typically past the 10-year mark), part failure rates increase.

The most common issues for airconditioning units in Colorado are dirty furnace filters, dirty outdoor unit, low refrigerant, clogged indoor coil and capacitor failures.

Below you will find typical AC repairs and their price ranges:

WorkIndustry AverageOur Average
Service Call / Trip-Charge$100 to $350$75
Dual Cap Replacement$350-$500$180-250
Compressor Replacement$1000 - $3500$700 - $1600
Anti-Freeze Installation$250 - $350$180

Why is the AC not working?

SymptomCommon CausesTimeline
Freezing/IcingDirty Filter, Low Airflow, Refrigerant LeakTypically fixed same day
Not Turning OnBlown Cap, Failed Board, Failed CompressorTypically fixed same day
Hot Air BlowingRefrigerant Leak, Bad CompressorTypically fixed same day
No Air BlowingFurnace or thermostat issuesTypically fixed same day
Water LeakLow Refrigerant, Dirty Filter, Failed Condensate Line or Clogged Condensate PipeTypically fixed same day
Major Part FailureAge of the unitVaries

Air Conditioning systems can fail for a wide variety of reasons. Some issues may be remedied by a simple filter change while most commonly parts will need to be replaced.

We have complied a list of common AC issues and typical causes with average timelines to fix them. Please keep in mind that an air conditioning unit may fail for a wide variety of reasons and only the most common causes are listed here. Our technicians will fully check your system to determine the issues.

We carry common parts on our trucks and have most systems running the same or next day.

air conditioning repair in denver

Denver air conditioning repair

With Denver’s climate, it’s important to have a reliable air conditioning system that can keep up with the demands of the weather.

If you’re in need of Denver AC Repair, hiring UniColorado is the perfect solution. Our focus is on customer satisfaction with experienced technicians who are knowledgeable and certified to work on all major brands of air conditioning systems.

Whether your central AC system needs repair, maintenance or installation, we can get you and your family comfortable during the summer months at a competitive price. Our customer service is unmatched and we’ll give you details that other companies won’t.

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Denver AC Compressor Repair and Replacement

The AC compressor is the integral part of your air conditioning system. Without the compressor, there is no cooling function in your air conditioning system. If the AC is showing any of the following symptoms, it should be checked out as soon as possible:

  • Warm air coming out of your vents even though the thermostat is set to cool
  • Buzzing, clicking or unusual noises coming from the unit
  • The outdoor unit starts leaking oil (dark thick brown liquid)
  • Cooling capacity seems to be decreasing over time
AC Repair - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

Quality Denver AC Replacement Or Repair Is Just A Click Away

Getting a reliable and affordable Denver air conditioning service is just a click or phone call away. Our air conditioning experts will get your system up and running in no time. If your AC isn’t functioning well or you’re considering having it check, UniColorado Heating & Cooling guarantees your full satisfaction.

Denver AC Repair FAQ

How much do you charge to check the AC system?

If you want your unit checked & repaired, the cost to come out is $75 which is waived with any repair or service, so you only pay for what you need.

It’s a free estimate to provide replacement or installation pricing for furnaces with UniColorado.


How much does it typically cost to replace an AC unit?

The typical ac replacement cost in Colorado for our customers was $4,400 to $8,100* in 202. AC replacement cost is variable and determined with a free estimate.

Is it worth fixing a 20 year old AC unit?

Whether or not an old AC system is worth replacing depends on the condition of the unit and the cost of the repairs. Typically, if the unit is old and in poor condition, or if the cost of repairs is high, it may be more cost-effective to replace the unit with a new one.

Air conditioning systems that use R22 refrigerant which are typically more than 15 years old are an exception; If your AC uses R22 and refrigerant has leaked out, you should definitely consider replacing it. For more information on R22 systems, click here.

Is it worth fixing an AC?

Whether it is worth fixing an AC unit depends on several factors, including:

  • The age and condition of the unit
  • The cost of repairs compared to the cost of a new unit
  • The energy efficiency of the unit
  • The level of comfort it provides
  • The availability of replacement parts for your specific model

If the unit is relatively new and in good condition, and the cost of repairs is not too high, then it may be worth fixing. However, if the unit is old and in poor condition, or if the cost of repairs is high, it may be more cost-effective to replace the unit with a new one.

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