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As a proud Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer Elite Contractor, UniColorado offers top-quality Mitsubishi installations backed by an industry-leading 12-year manufacturer warranty. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our expert service and Mitsubishi’s superior craftsmanship.”

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UniColorado Is a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor

At UniColorado, we’ve built a reputation as the go-to experts for Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling systems in Denver, Centennial, Littleton and the surrounding areas. As a proud Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer Elite, we offer top-quality installations and responsive service for ductless mini-splits, ducted heat pumps, VRF systems and more.

With extensive experience retrofitting heat pumps into existing homes and businesses, our skilled team will work closely with you to design a customized comfort solution. We’ll assess your unique needs and budget to provide expert recommendations on the optimal Mitsubishi systems to maximize your energy efficiency, performance and savings. Trust the UniColorado difference for unparalleled service, proven results and complete peace of mind.

Upfront Pricing

We provide clear, competitive pricing upfront on Mitsubishi systems and installation. Our estimates are always transparent with no hidden fees, so you know exactly what to expect before any work begins.

Mitsubishi Experts

Our factory-trained technicians are certified Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors. We stay up-to-date on the latest products and best practices to deliver superior system design and installation, every time.

Rebates & Savings

We'll make sure you take advantage of all eligible Mitsubishi, utility and government rebates to maximize your savings. Many efficient systems qualify for incentives that significantly lower your out-of-pocket costs.

100% Satisfaction

As a locally owned business, your satisfaction is our top priority. We stand behind our work and aren't finished until you're completely happy with your new Mitsubishi comfort system.
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Mitsubishi Highlights

Tried & True Technology.

Hyper-heat (H2i®) keeps up with Colorado’s climate. UniColorado has been installing hyper-heat units for over 10-years.

Ducted. Ductless.

Available in ducted & ductless. 99% of homes are compatible.

mitsubishi ductless installation wall mount MSZ-GS
Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor - UniColorado Heating & Cooling


$2,000 Federal Tax Credit
$1,500 Colorado Tax Credit

UniCo handles the rebates on your behalf. Minimal paperwork.

Rain or Shine.

-13° to 125° F.


Heating range down to -13° F ambient.
Cooling range up to 125° F ambient*.
Emergency backup available.

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Ducted Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

Ducted mini-splits are ideal if your home or building already has ductwork. These systems use your existing ducts to distribute conditioned air while still providing the zoned control and efficiency of a heat pump. Mitsubishi’s ducted units are compact, quiet and can fit in tight spaces like crawl spaces and attics.

Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

Ductless Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

Ductless mini-splits, also known as ductless heat pumps, connect an outdoor unit to one or more indoor air handlers without the need for bulky ductwork. These wall-mounted units allow you to heat and cool specific rooms or zones for ultimate comfort control and energy savings. Ductless systems are quick to install and perfect for homes without existing ducts.

ductless mitsubishi heat pump
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Mitsubishi HyperHeat

Mitsubishi HyperHeat, a heat pump technology by Mitsubishi Electric, has been a notable player in the heating and cooling market since its introduction. Mitsubishi HyperHeat’s are known for top-end heating performance and excellent build quality. As of 2024, Hyper-Heat is considered the best heat pump on the market by many HVAC industry veterans.

What makes the HyperHeat so special? HyperHeat’s ability to consistently function effectively in extreme cold sets it apart from traditional heat pumps. The technology and reliablity of the hyperheats is one of a kind and not truly present in other products on the market.

Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

Innovative Compressor Design

HyperHeat features a unique compressor that operates effectively in a wide temperature range, maintaining heating capacity in low outdoor temperatures for consistent heating performance. Mitsubishi compressors are known for their reliability and longevity over decades of production. Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC is the entity behind Mitsubishi products in the United States.

h2i compressor

Optimized for Cold

HyperHeat excels in extreme cold, efficiently extracing & transferring heat from frigid air, even at tempratures way below 0 degrees.

hyperheat mounted in deep snow mountains

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

With industry-leading high energy efficiency ratings, HyperHeat reduces operational costs and environmental impact for homeowners. HyperHeat units can be as efficient as 26 SEER2 for cooling and as high as 11 HSPF2 for heating.

Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

Smart Home Tech Integration

Mitsubishi HyperHeat integrates with smart home systems for remote control and monitoring.

Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
Learn About The
Models 👓

Mitsubishi Electric Outdoor Models

UniColorado offers a range of advanced Mitsubishi Electric models to suit your specific needs

mitsubishi city multi mxz-sm series


Smart Multi Hyper-heating INVERTER®

Perfect choice for multi-zone ductless, ducted or mixed.

  • Non-Hyper Available
  • Ducted
  • Ductless
  • Requires Branch Box
  • All Indoor Units
  • Up to 8-Zones

MXZ Multi-Zone

Hyper-heating INVERTER®

Perfect choice for multi-zone ductless.

  • Non-Hyper Available
  • Ductless
  • All Indoor Units
  • Up to 3-Zones
Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

PUZ P-Series

Hyper-heating INVERTER®

Perfect choice for Single-Zone Ducted.

  • Light Commercial
  • Ducted
  • PVA Indoor Units
  • Forced-Air Retrofit
Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

MUZ Single-Zone

Hyper-heating INVERTER®

Perfect choice for single-zone ductless.

  • Non-Hyper Available
  • Ductless
  • MSZ Indoor Units
  • Single-Zone
Learn About The
Models 👓

Mitsubishi Electric Indoor Models

Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

Wall Mount

Indoor Unit

Balancing Budget & Technology.

  • Permenant Filter
  • i-SEE Sensor
  • Single or Multi-Zone
  • Seperate Remote
mlz mitsubishi ceiling unit

Slim Ceiling

Indoor Unit

Aesthetics Galore.

  • Permenant Filter
  • Requires 14-16" Joists
  • Single or Multi-Zone
  • Seperate Remote
mitsubishi slz ceiling cassette

Ceiling Cassette

Indoor Unit

Light Commercial or Residential

  • Permenant Filter
  • Requires False Ceiling or Framing
  • Single or Multi-Zone
  • Seperate Remote
Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

Floor Mount

Indoor Unit

For Limited Wall Space

  • Permenant Filter
  • Single or Multi-Zone
  • Seperate Remote
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Of All Incentives 💰
Savings with Rebates

We love incentives & rebates to save our homeowners money where we can. Ask us about what rebates you’re eligible for and how to get them.

Denver Heat Pump Rebates
We're proud to be a top participant in the Denver CARe Rebate Program. 
denver heat pump rebates
Xcel Energy Rebates
We're a certified top Xcel Energy trade partner & offer all rebates available. The paperwork is on us, too.
xcel hvac rebates
Federal Incentives
There's a variety of incentives available through the Federal government for highly efficient heating and air conditioning systems.
energy star federal 25c tax credit
CO Heat Pump Tax Credit
Colorado heat pump tax exemption and heat pump tax credit are available to eligible taxpayers.
Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
$1 million+
Saved for our homeowners through eligible rebates in 2023
Average saved with eligible rebates in 2023
Rebate applications submitted by UniColorado in 2023

What's a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor?

When searching for a “Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor near you,” it’s important to understand what sets these professionals apart. A Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor is a highly trained and experienced HVAC company that specializes in installing and servicing Mitsubishi Electric systems. These contractors undergo rigorous training and are certified by Mitsubishi to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and expertise.

As a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor serving Denver, Centennial, Littleton, and the surrounding areas, UniColorado is proud to be your local expert for all your Mitsubishi heating and cooling needs. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest products and best practices to deliver unparalleled service and results. When you choose a Mitsubishi certified Diamond Contractor like UniColorado, you can trust that your mini-split installation will be done right the first time, maximizing your comfort, efficiency, and savings.

Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
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House The Right Fit?

Single-Zone Mini-Split for House

Installing a single-zone mini-split system is a great idea for homeowners looking to improve their comfort and energy efficiency. Mitsubishi makes great units that are reliable, quiet, and powerful. These ductless systems allow you to target heating and cooling to specific rooms or areas of your home, providing precise temperature control and eliminating energy waste.

Whether you’re looking to replace an aging HVAC system, add comfort to a new addition, or solve hot and cold spots in your home, a single-zone mini-split from Mitsubishi is an excellent solution. These versatile units can be installed quickly and easily without the need for extensive ductwork, making them perfect for a variety of applications. To learn more about how a single-zone mini-split can benefit your home, call UniColorado today. Our expert team will assess your needs and recommend the perfect Mitsubishi system to keep you comfortable year-round.

single zone mitsubishi minisplit
The Best MiniSplit Brand?

Is Mitsubishi the Best Mini-Split?

Yes, Mitsubishi Electric is widely recognized as the best mini-split manufacturer on the market. With a long track record of innovation and quality, Mitsubishi consistently delivers top-performing, reliable systems. They hold numerous patents on their advanced technologies, such as their Hyper-Heat inverter technology, which allows their heat pumps to operate efficiently in temperatures as low as -13°F.

Mitsubishi’s mini-split systems are built to last, with durable construction and high-quality components. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and longevity, so you can enjoy your investment for years to come. Plus, Mitsubishi offers industry-leading warranties on their products, giving you added peace of mind.

In addition to their unparalleled quality, Mitsubishi mini-splits are also known for their quiet operation, energy efficiency, and sleek, modern design. With a wide range of models and sizes available, there’s a Mitsubishi system perfect for any home or application. When you choose a Mitsubishi mini-split installed by a Diamond Contractor like UniColorado, you can trust that you’re getting the best comfort solution on the market.

mitsubishi minisplit
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mitsubishi Make a Ducted Cold Climate Heat Pump?

Yes, Mitsubishi offers ducted cold climate heat pumps in several series, including the Mitsubishi SM, PUZ, and SUZ series.

Can You Have a Ducted and Ductless Mini-Split System?

Yes, a mixed system combines both ducted and ductless units. For example, you can replace a gas furnace with a ducted unit and add a ductless unit in areas with uneven temperatures.

Do Mitsubishi heat pumps work in cold weather?

Yes, Mitsubishi heat pumps are highly effective in cold weather. In Colorado, where temperatures are typically above the heat pump’s cut-off range 99.6% of the time, these units operate at similar levels to gas furnaces. Additionally, they are excellent for cooling during increasingly hot summers with high efficiency.

Are Cold Climate Heat Pumps Worth It?

Yes, Cold climate heat pumps offer an environmentally friendly, reliable & efficient heating solution for homes with and without ductwork. Cold climate heat pump units are generally best paired with a solar offset to maximize savings.

At What Temperature Does a Mitsubishi Heat Pump Become Inefficient?

Mitsubishi heat pumps become less efficient at -13 degrees Fahrenheit. This is usually the temperature at which users switch to a backup heating system, like an electric resistance heater or alternative heating methods such as fireplaces or space heaters. The incidence rate of being below -13 degrees is incredibly rare (less than 0.4%).

Which Mini-Split is Best for Cold Climates?

Mitsubishi is known in the HVAC industry for producing the most durable, reliable, and efficient mini-splits suitable for cold climates.

Who is Mitsubishi Trane HVAC US?

Mitsubishi Trane HVAC US is a joint venture between Mitsubishi Electric and Trane Technologies, specializing in energy-efficient HVAC systems including ductless and ducted mini-splits, and heat pumps. The collaboration leverages Mitsubishi’s climate control technology with Trane’s market presence in North America.

How Much Does Mitsubishi Heat Pump Installation Cost?

Installation costs vary. Ducted systems range from $16,200 to $25,600, while ductless systems can cost between $5,500 and over $30,000.

Does Mitsubishi Work in Denver?

Yes, Mitsubishi heat pumps are effectively used in Denver. UniColorado Heating & Cooling has installed hundreds of Mitsubishi HyperHeat units that have been working well in our weather for more than a decade.

Are Mitsubishi Heat Pumps Reliable?

Yes, Mitsubishi heat pumps are incredibly reliable, provided they are maintained properly, including regular filter cleaning and maintenance checks.

Are Mitsubishi cold climate heat pumps eligble for Denver heat pump rebates?

Yes, Mitsubishi cold climate heat pumps are eligible for Denver heat pump rebates depending on the system type.

What is a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor?

A Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor is a certified HVAC professional trained in installing, maintaining, and repairing Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling systems. UniColorado is a recognized Diamond Contractor, and the units we install come with a 12-year manufacturer warranty.

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