Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

Electrification Services

Serving Greenwood Village, COServing Denver, COServing Westminster, COServing Centennial, COServing Arvada, COServing Golden, COServing Lakewood, COServing Parker, COServing Littleton, COServing Broomfield, COServing Englewood, COServing Aurora, COServing Wheat Ridge, COServing Thornton, COServing Sheridan, COServing Glendale, COServing Cherry Hills Village, COServing Columbine Valley, COServing Foxfield, COServing Bow Mar, COServing Applewood, COServing Acres Green, COServing Stonegate, CO

We’re proud to offer whole or partial home electrification services in the Denver Metro Region. Our offerings include heat pumps, Solar PV, EV Chargers, electric appliance wiring and more.

Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
tesla power wall
Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
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Home Electrification Services

Ready to electrify your home and embrace a greener future? Look no further than UniColorado! Our skilled electricians are experts in partial or whole home electrification. From upgrading your electrical panel to installing EV chargers and wiring for efficient heat pumps, we’ve got you covered. With our commitment to quality workmanship, reliable service, and quick turnaround times, transitioning to an all-electric home has never been easier. Trust UniColorado to power up your home for the future.

electrical panel upgrade denver

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Starting at $4,500
ev charger installation

EV Charger Installation

Starting at $1,000
Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Fully Electric. No Compromise.
heat pumper water heater rheem

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Starting at $4,800
electric dryer wiring

Electric Dryer Wiring

No standalone, with Electrical installation only
electric stove wiring

Electric Stove Wiring

No standalone, with Electrical installation only
solar panels

Solar PV

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Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

Battery Storage

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Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

Insulation & Air Sealing

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We’ll provide you with all options and pricing. Most rebates and incentives will be offered to you as discounts.

At UniColorado, we love saving our homeowners money where we can. We offer all rebates and incentives. We’ve secured over a $1,000,000 in savings for our homeowners in 2023 alone and look forward to saving you even more.

We’ll electrify your home, based on your needs and requirements and take care of all details. You’re in good hands.

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One-Stop Shop for Heat Pumps, Electrification

Are you ready to electrify your home in the Denver Metro area? UniColorado is your go-to expert for transitioning to clean, efficient electricity. Our master electricians specialize in preparing your home for the all-electric future, ensuring you have the power you need for cold climate heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, electric appliances, EV chargers, and more.

Whether you’re considering a partial or whole home electrification, we’ve got you covered. From electrical panel upgrades to accommodate your growing energy needs, to installing cold climate heat pumps that keep you comfortable year-round and heat pump water heaters that provide efficient hot water, our skilled electricians will handle every aspect of your electrification project. We also offer expert wiring for EV chargers, making it easy to charge your electric vehicle at home.

We understand that navigating the world of home electrification can be overwhelming, but that’s where our expertise comes in. Our highly trained and experienced electricians will work with you to find the best solutions for your home and budget, without any hidden fees or surprises.

Don’t let the complexities of electrification hold you back from embracing a greener future. Contact UniColorado today to schedule an appointment or get a quote. We’re here to make your transition to an all-electric home seamless and stress-free. Trust us to power up your home for the future with our top-notch electrical panel upgrade, cold climate heat pump, heat pump water heater, EV charger installation, and home electrification services in the Denver Metro area.

The Details?

What is Electrification?

Electrification is the process of replacing fossil fuel-powered systems, such as heating, cooling, and transportation, with electric alternatives. This includes installing heat pumps, electric water heaters, electric stoves, and EV chargers, with the goal of reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency in homes and buildings.

electrical panel upgrade

Can I partially electrify my home?

Yes, you can electrify your home in stages. Start by identifying which appliances or systems you want to replace first. Common options include installing a heat pump for heating and cooling, replacing a gas water heater with an electric one, or adding an EV charger. You can then gradually replace other gas appliances with electric alternatives as needed.

whole house minisplit installation

What role do heat pumps play in electrification?

Heat pumps are a critical component of home electrification, providing efficient heating and cooling by transferring heat rather than generating it. In Denver’s climate, cold-climate heat pumps can deliver reliable year-round comfort while consuming significantly less energy than traditional heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps can also be used for water heating, further reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

ducted mini split heat pump installation

Is UniColorado an electrification company?

Yes, UniColorado is a full-service electrification company based in Denver. We specialize in helping homeowners transition to clean, efficient electric systems. Our master electricians and HVAC installers are experienced in installing heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, EV chargers, and upgrading electrical panels to accommodate increased electrical loads. We also partner with top solar firms to provide comprehensive electrification solutions.

Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

Does UniColorado offer solar?

UniColorado is not a solar installation company, but we work closely with Denver’s leading solar firm to provide an integrated electrification experience for our customers. Through our partnerships, we can help you assess your solar needs, secure competitive pricing, and ensure that your solar system is optimally integrated. This also allows us to stack rebates for customers efficiently. Contact us for more information on our solar partnerships and available discounts.


Why Are Some Services Not Available Stand-Alone?

At UniColorado, we care about providing our customers with the best value, always. To ensure that you receive competitive pricing and high-quality service, we have optimized our offerings for maximum efficiency.

While we do not provide electric dryer and stove wiring as stand-alone services, this decision allows us to maintain cost-effectiveness for our customers. By bundling these services with larger electrification projects, such as heat pump installations or electrical panel upgrades, we can streamline our workflow, minimize additional costs, and pass those savings on to you.

Our priority is to help you achieve your electrification goals while ensuring that you get a fair price for the services you need. We believe in transparency and will always work with you to find the most cost-effective solution for your specific situation.

Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

What electrification rebates are available?

Denver residents can take advantage of several rebates and incentives for electrification projects:

  • Denver CARe program: Offers rebates for heat pumps, electric water heaters, solar, battery storage, and more.
  • Xcel Energy rebates: Provides incentives for heat pumps, electric water heaters, and EV chargers.
  • Federal tax credits: The Inflation Reduction Act offers tax credits for heat pumps, solar, electric water heaters, and electric panels upgraded as part of an electrification project.
  • State tax credits: Various programs are available through the state of CO for electrification with varying eligibility criteria.

Residents in all areas of the Denver metro region will be eligible for varying rebates. At UniColorado, we stay on top of incentives and rebates; If there’s a rebate to be had, we’ll make sure you get it.

hvac rebates

Do I need insulation for home electrification?

Proper insulation is essential for maximizing the efficiency of heat pumps and other electric heating systems. Adequate insulation and air sealing helps maintain comfortable temperatures, reduces energy waste, and lowers operating costs. As part of your electrification project, UniColorado’s best in the industry insulation partners can assess your home’s insulation levels and recommend improvements to optimize the performance of your new electric systems.

Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
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Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
UniColorado Mitsubishi diamond dealer
Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
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When it comes to electrification and heat pump installation in CO, UniColorado is the clear choice. We’re a local company with over 10 years of experience, and our team of master electricians and HVAC technicians have installed more than 3,000 heat pumps. Our experts are trained directly by the manufacturers and hold multiple efficiency certifications, ensuring that you receive the highest quality service for your electrification project.

As a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor, Carrier Dealer, Bosch Comfort Home Pro, and American Standard authorized dealer, as well as an authorized dealer of over 30 other HVAC brands, we offer an unparalleled selection of top-quality heat pump systems that are perfect for electrifying your home. Our Mitsubishi units come with a 12-year warranty, and all our other units have 10-year warranties, giving you peace of mind and protection for your investment in clean, efficient electric heating and cooling.

Our master electricians are fully licensed and experienced in handling all aspects of your home electrification needs, from heat pump installations to electrical panel upgrades and EV charger installations. We ensure that all work is done to code and with the proper permits, guaranteeing a safe and compliant electrification process that meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

When you choose UniColorado for your home electrification and heat pump installation, you’re getting the expertise, certifications, and quality that only a true leader in the field can provide. We’re committed to helping you transform your home into a more comfortable, energy-efficient, and sustainable living space that’s ready for the all-electric future. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your electrification goals with our comprehensive heat pump and electrical services.

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Your Common ❓
Frequently Asked Questions
What is home electrification?

Home electrification is the process of replacing gas-powered appliances and systems with electric alternatives, such as heat pumps, electric water heaters, electric stoves, and EV chargers, to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Why should I electrify my home in Denver, CO?

Electrifying your home in Denver, CO, helps reduce your carbon footprint, improves indoor air quality, and prepares your home for a future powered by clean, renewable energy. Additionally, Denver offers various incentives and rebates to support home electrification.

What are the benefits of installing a heat pump in Colorado?

Heat pumps provide efficient heating and cooling, reducing energy consumption and costs. They work well in Colorado’s climate, offering comfortable year-round temperature control. Heat pumps also improve indoor air quality and reduce carbon emissions.

How much does it cost to electrify my home in Denver?

The cost of electrifying your home in Denver can be as low as $12,200 up to $30,000 and more. Exact pricing varies depending on the size of your home, the appliances you replace, and the upgrades required. However, rebates and incentives can significantly reduce the upfront costs, and long-term energy savings can offset the initial investment.

What rebates and incentives are available for home electrification in Denver, CO?

Denver offers several incentives for home electrification, including rebates for heat pumps, electric water heaters, insulation upgrades, and electrical panel upgrades through the Denver Climate Action Rebate and Electrification (CARe) program. Additional incentives may be available through Xcel Energy and federal tax credits.

Can I electrify my home if I have an older electrical panel?

Yes, you can electrify your home with an older electrical panel, but it may require an upgrade to accommodate the increased electrical load. UniColorado can assess your electrical panel and recommend the necessary upgrades to support your electrification project.

Do I need to upgrade my insulation before installing a heat pump?

While not always necessary, upgrading your insulation can improve the efficiency and performance of your heat pump. Adequate insulation helps maintain comfortable temperatures and reduces energy waste. UniColorado can assess your insulation and recommend improvements if needed.

Can I install an EV charger if I electrify my home?

Yes, installing an EV charger is a common part of home electrification. UniColorado’s master electricians are experienced in installing Level 2 EV chargers, to get your home ready for electric vehicle charging.

How does home electrification impact my monthly energy bills?

While electricity rates may be higher than gas rates in some areas, the high efficiency of heat pumps and other electric appliances can lead to lower overall energy costs. Generating Solar power and battery storage will significantly impact the operating costs of a fully electrified home as well. The impact on your monthly energy bills will depend on factors such as the size of your home, your energy usage patterns, and the specific appliances you install.

What sets UniColorado apart from other home electrification contractors in Denver?

UniColorado is a leading home electrification contractor in Denver, with over 10 years of experience and a team of master electricians and HVAC technicians who have installed more than 3,000 heat pumps. We are a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor and an authorized dealer for over 30 HVAC brands, ensuring that you have access to the best products and expertise for your electrification project. Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition.

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