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Xcel Rebates

Xcel Energy offers rebates for customers who purchase and install qualifying high-efficiency heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. As a proud partner of Xcel Energy, UniColorado helps eligible customers in Colorado maximize their savings by offering all available Xcel HVAC rebates. Upgrade your HVAC system today and take advantage of these valuable incentives with UniColorado’s expert guidance and professional installation services.

xcel energy rebates

Xcel Energy Rebates

System TypeRequirementsBase RebateBonus Rebate (2024)Total Rebate
High Efficiency Gas Furnace95%+ AFUE Rating$300N/A$300
High Efficiency Central ACDiscontinued$0N/A$0
Air Source Heatpump (ASHP)15.2 SEER2, 11.7 EER2, 7.8 HSPF2$800$900$1,700
Cold Climate Air Source Heatpump (ccASHP)18 SEER2, 11.7 EER2, 8.1 HSPF2**$1,000$1,200$2,200
MiniSplit Heatpump (MSHP)15.2 SEER2, 11.5 EER2, 7.8 HSPF2$500$1,200$1,700
Cold-Climate MiniSplit Heatpump (ccMSHP)18 SEER2, 11.5 EER2, 8.5 HSPF2**$600$1,600$2,200
Tankless Waterheater0.87 UEF, Medium or High Draw$100N/A$100
Heat Pump Water HeaterEnergy Star Certified$800N/A$800
EV ChargerXcel Approved Charger$500N/A$500
UniColorado verifies eligibility and handles all paperwork for our customers. Xcel Energy Rebates are offered as discounts to our customers and assigned to us.
  • Eligibility Requirements for Xcel Rebates
  • Qualified Contractor
  • Xcel Energy Gas & Electric Account
Who is eligble for Xcel HVAC Rebates?

All Xcel Energy Gas and electric account holders in Colorado are eligble.

How does the Xcel Rebate work?

The Xcel Energy Rebate is provided to UniColorado customers upfront as a discount. The rebate will be assigned to us.

Is the rebate seperate from what I pay UniColorado?

No, the Xcel Rebates are typically shown in total as discounts. Please double check your estimate to see whether your rebate is assigned to us or not.

Can I get the Xcel HVAC rebates myself?

No; the application must be submitted by a qualified Xcel Rebate Partner such as UniColorado Heating & Cooling.

Who does the paperwork for Xcel Rebates?

UniColorado will do all the paperwork for our customers.

What is the payment method for Xcel rebates?

Xcel can send a check or issue a bill credit. For rental properties, the recipient can be the property owner as long as they’re listed as a property owner on the account.

The other "contractors" said the rebate was not worth it/fake/can't do it

Yes, unqualified companies tend to lie to their customers. The rebate is indeed real & we’ve done thousands of rebates over the years. It’s limited to qualified contractors who abide by the Xcel guidelines.

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