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Denver HVAC Contractor UniColorado

Our Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Our forced-air heating services include:

Air Conditioning has become a necessity in Colorado. We provide the following central AC services:

Heatpumps are all the buzz now. UniColorado has been installing and maintaining them for years. Our heatpump contractor services include:

We install MiniSplit or Ductless systems for our homeowners in the Denver area with 12-year warranties:

From electrifying your HVAC system to duct-cleaning, we do a fair bit of everything:

UniColorado is a Heating and Air Conditioning Company

Here at UniColorado, we provide our customers with reliable heating and air conditioning services that address repair, installation and maintenance needs for residential homeowners in the greater Denver metro area.

Whether you’re browsing for a new heating and air conditioning system or require emergency HVAC repairs, our highly-trained mechanical experts are more than capable of getting the job done right, and at a reasonable price. With over 30 years of heating and air conditioning experience, we have helped countless homeowners achieve their energy efficiency and comfort goals while providing fast and affordable HVAC services. Get in touch with UniColorado today to set your home up for comfort.

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We Work Fast

While most of our appointments are scheduled the same or next-day when needed, you have the full flexibility of telling us what fits your schedule and we’ll make it happen.

Let’s say you have a question about HVAC and it’s a service we offer. You can communicate with us through text, phone or email. We don’t mind answering questions or any concerns before you schedule an appointment. We’re responsive and care about the quality of service you receive.

What is Heating and Air Conditioning?

Heating and air conditioning is the shortened version of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning); The phrase “heating and air conditioning” generally refers to the systems and equipment used to control the temperature, humidity, and air quality in a building. Heating refers to the process of increasing the temperature inside a building, typically using a furnace or heat pump. Air conditioning refers to the process of decreasing the temperature inside a building, typically using a central air conditioning unit or a minisplit unit

heating and air conditioning
What systems does UniColorado work on?

We work on a variety of heating and air conditioning equipment present in residential properties in Colorado, including:

  • Forced-air heating systems (gas or electric furnaces)
  • Central air conditioning (that uses ductwork and has an outdoor condensing unit)
  • Heat pumps (high efficiency and cold climate)
  • Minisplit and ductless systems,
  • Waterheaters
  • HVAC Electrification
  • Ventilation systems such as ERV and HRV systems
  • +more.

We focus on residential properties to bring maximum savings and the best possible shopping and scheduling experience in heating and air conditioning services for our homeowners in the greater Denver metro area.

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Can UniColorado help me with my project?

If your project involves a residential property and residential heating and air conditioning equipment, it’s very likely that we can help with your project. Not sure if we can help? Use our online resources or get in touch to be sure. We’re happy to help!


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