Denver Climate Action Rebates Program for
Heat pumps & MiniSplits

UniColorado Heating & Cooling is proud to participate in Denver County’s newest energy efficiency initative.

This is a summary of program terms & simplified explanations of equipment choices.

Eligible Equipment & RebatesMax Rebate Amount
Efficiency Required

Typical Use Case Typical Price Range (installed)Typical customer's share of costNotesPicture
Air Source Heat Pump (Including Dual Fuel)
$7,20015+ SEER, 11.5+ EER, 9+ HSPFHomes with existing furnace & ducts$14,000 -$22,000 before rebates$7,000-$10,000- Typically in stock

- Typically installed with gas furnace backup
Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump$9,00018+ SEER, 9.5 HSPFHomes with existing furnace & ducts$15,000 -$25,000 before rebates$9,000-$12,000- Hard to find (Oct-Nov quoted by factories)

- Typically fully electric or with high efficiency furnace
Mini-Split Heat Pump$4,50015+ SEER, 11+ EER, 9+ HSPFHomes with no ducts Single zone (1 indoor unit): $5400
Multi zone (multiple indoor units):
$1,500-$2,000- Wall mount single-zone typically in stock

- Multi-zone harder to find
Cold Climate Mini-Split Heat Pump$5,40018+ SEER, 11+ EER, 9.5+ HSPFHomes with no ducts & no backup heating mechanism
Single zone (1 indoor unit): $6000
Multi zone (multiple indoor units):
$2,000-$3,500- Wall mount single-zone typically in stock

- Multi-zone harder to find
Electrical Service Upgrade (Panel) if needed for ASHP or Mini$2,000Licensed Electrician (Provided by UniColorado)- Panels that have no space or require upgrading
- Electrical work needed to fit ASHP or MSHP
$1500-$7000 before rebates$400-$5,000- All-in-one panel difficult to find

- Electrical panels / breakers short in stock
- Electrical work is typically delayed

Heatpumps FAQ

In the most simplified terms, an AC unit that can also absorb heat from the outside using electricity in addition to providing cooling in the summer.
Since mid-2021, heatpumps have been hard to come by due to supply chain disruptions. We expect the stock situation to improve & end-customer options to become more widely available in 2023 & beyond minus any further disruptions. We will quote equipment based on currently available stock. Equipment availability is not guaranteed & often sparse.
If you have a gas furnace & AC, best way would be a dual fuel air source heatpump using your existing ducts. If you do not have a central system, Minisplits are often the most cost effective. To schedule a free estimate, contact us.
The rebate pays up to 80% Max of each invoice up to the rebate maximum. Typical out of pocket costs for customer range from $4000 to $10,000. Considering how expensive heatpump systems are, it's a pretty good deal.
Discount for the rebate amount expected applied from the start. To see a typical customer's share of cost, see the table above.
$3 million for 2022 and $3m for 2023 & $3m for 2024.
Denver County reserves the right to pull or modify the items they pay rebates on at any time. If you intended on getting a heatpump, the sooner, the better.
If you care about environmental sustainibility & are looking to modernize your HVAC system, yes. The incentives are very good & historically high. It all depends on your preference & budget.
It varies widely between properties due to insulation,construction, windows, position & many other factors. The heat-pump units are more efficient than a regular unit.
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