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UniColorado has over 30 years of experience in Air Conditioning Installation and has been serving Denver homeowners for more than 9 years. If you’re considering installing a central AC system, UniColorado is the best choice in the greater Denver metro area.
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Why We're Loved for Our AC Services

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Reasonable Pricing

We don’t rely on fake offers and coupons to attract customers. Our pricing is reasonable from the start and lower than most licensed companies in the Denver metro area. That’s a guarantee. Need a rough estimate? Check out our online cost calculator.

Fast Response

We were on-time 97% of the time in 2022. We typically install new air conditioning systems within 3-7 days and work with our customer’s schedule to ensure you’re not stuck in the heat. Schedule online or give us a call at (303) 997-0097 to discuss timing; We look forward to speaking with you about AC installation soon!

Honest Experts

Our goal for air conditioning installation is to provide the most durable equipment and cleanest installation at the lowest price possible. If you need AC replacement or AC installation, we will beat the competition in every way. That’s a guarantee.

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AC Replacement Costs

AC replacement cost in Denver, CO can be as low as $4,400 including all parts and labor;

Most of our customers spent around $4,700 – $7,200 to replace their AC in 2022*. The total cost for air conditioner replacement varies based on the type of system, the energy efficiency of the AC unit and the square footage of your home.

Most central air conditioning units last around 15-20 years on average; Well maintained air conditioner units can last as long as 20 years. The time to replace an air conditioning system is when the unit is beyond repair due to age or parts availability or if it uses R22 refrigerant.

As with everything in the 21st century, the newer model central air conditioning systems are often quieter, more efficient and provide more features which may be reason enough to upgrade your AC. The energy savings can help you save money while newer features such as variable speed can help reduce the outdoor unit noise.

AC TypeCost Range
14 SEER Air Conditioning System (Indoor Coil + Outdoor Condenser)$3,400 to $6,600
16 SEER Air Conditioning System (Indoor Coil + Outdoor Condenser)$4,100 to $7,900
18 SEER Air Conditioning System (Indoor Coil + Outdoor Condenser)$6,200 to $9,600

*Based on UniColorado’s average Installation costs during 2021-2022.  Based on total paid for indoor coil and outdoor condenser replacement – standard efficiency (equipment + labor). HVAC Installation cost is variable & determined by a site visit. We offer free estimates for replacements.

AC Installation Costs

Have a house that has ductwork but has never had Central Air conditioning before? You’re looking for a “fresh” AC installation. Fresh air conditioner installation cost in Colorado can be as low as $5,200 including all parts and labor but the total cost varies based on a variety of factors such as the square footage of your home, the electrical panel’s placement and space inside it, how far the copper lines have to be added and the location of the furnace inside your home.

Most of our customers spent around $5,700 – $7,200 to install a new AC in a house that hasn’t had it before in 2022*. The total cost to install a AC can vary widely.

Many homes in Colorado have a gas furnace but no air conditioning; this is very common and central AC can typically be added to your existing system. If your home has no duct work or forced-air heating system (using a boiler for heating, for example), you may want to consider a minisplit system.

AC TypeCost Range
14 SEER Air Conditioning System (Coil, Condenser, Lineset, 220v Circuit)$4,600 to $8,300
16 SEER Air Conditioning System (Coil, Condenser, Lineset, 220v Circuit)$5,600 to $9,500

*Based on UniColorado’s average Installation costs during 2021-2022.  Based on total paid for fresh AC installation only. HVAC Installation cost is variable & determined by a site visit. We offer free estimates for replacements.

Common Air Conditioning Units
Standard Efficiency
High Efficiency
Heat Pump
Cold Climate Heat Pump

AC Installation Process

The AC installation process is carried out by our professional HVAC technicians who will evaluate the property, check the capacity of your existing duct-work system, and recommend the appropriate unit for your home. Then our AC installation team will consult you on where the AC unit should be placed, install the AC unit, connect the electrical and ductwork and test the unit for proper operation. Finally, the technician will clean up the installation area and provide you with instructions on how to operate and maintain the unit.

For air conditioning units, due to how complicated the AC units can be, it is extremely important to have a professional installation completed so your new AC unit can last decades.

Denver AC installation

What does AC installation include?

Here at UniColorado, our AC installation quotes include a turn key service:

  • Top notch & durable equipment
  • All materials, labor and tax
  • Applications for any and all applicable rebates completed by us
  • Any and other applicable costs

The price you see after our free estimate is the price you pay. Most installations are completed in one day.

residential air conditioning services

Air Conditioning Feature Definitions

Single-StageOutdoor Condenser has one stage. On or off.N/A
Two-StageOutdoor Condenser has two stages. Low & High.Electric Efficiency (~5-15%)
Variable-SpeedOutdoor Condenser has multiple cooling stages.Electric Efficiency + Sound reduction
Heat PumpOutdoor Condenser has both cooling and heating function.Heating Electrification
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Pricing based on our average installation costs in 2022 for customers. The provided numbers are intended as starting points for your project, but please note that costs vary between properties & different projects.

Air Conditioning Installation FAQ

Can I get central air conditioning in my house?

The short answer for most residential properties is yes. If you’re uncertain, just give us a call or get in touch to confirm.

Central air conditioning is far superior to other methods of whole house cooling and will save you money in the long term while bringing you comfort during the hot months.

When should I replace my AC?

Typically, we recommend AC replacement when the air conditioning unit has become older than 10-15 years and is not worth putting money into repairs.

Like any appliance, most AC units have an expected lifetime of 10-20 years, lasting around 10 years on average.

How much does a AC replacement cost?

A regular AC replacement ranges from around $4,500 to $7,500. On average, the cost was around $5,600 for UniColorado Heating & Cooling customers in 2022.

Can you repair an old AC?

We can definitely try.

We ask that you keep in mind that as the AC unit ages, more and more parts can start failing randomly.

We charge $75 to check the unit and provide all options.

If you just want a replacement quote for your AC, it’s a free estimate.

How much do you charge for a replacement quote?

It’s a free estimate to provide replacement or installation pricing for furnaces with UniColorado.

If you want your unit checked & repaired, the cost to come out is $75.

I'm not sure about replacing my AC

If you’re not sure you need a replacement on a non-functional unit, we can check your unit out with a service call that costs $75. Our technician will fully check the unit and provide options.

If the unit is repairable, we will provide options. Keep in mind that as units pass the 15 year old mark, parts may not be available.

I want to get a high efficiency AC

Great, we can definitely help! We provide installation services for high efficiency air conditioning systems.

I want to get a heatpump instead of an AC

We’re pioneering Heatpumps in Colorado. From Air Source Heatpumps to Cold-Climate Heatpumps & Fully Electric systems, we can definitely help.

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