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UniColorado is a locally-owned family business that has served the Denver community for over 10 years. We are your trusted source for heating, air conditioning and electrification needs in the Denver, Centennial & surrounding areas.

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UniColorado Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling
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We offer a comprehensive range of HVAC and electrification services tailored for homeowners. With a focus on quality, reliability, and quick service, we’re dedicated to enhancing your home with energy-efficient upgrades and top-notch air quality improvements, making us the go-to choice for all your home service needs.

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We’re proud to consistently achieve 100% homeowner satisfaction. That’s the UniCo way.

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As your trusted local HVAC contractor, UniColorado Heating & Cooling prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction. With over 37 years of experience, we offer top-quality, tested equipment at fair prices and maximize your savings with rebates and incentives. Enjoy upfront pricing, reliable service, and flexible financing options.

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Quality Equipment.

We test, tear down and hand select units on an annual basis to recommend to you the best value for your money. We are big believers in durability and reliability.

Experience top-notch quality without breaking the bank – we offer fair & competitive pricing with no surprises.

You’ll be always in the loop about everything that needs to happen.

We love HVAC Rebates and would love to save our homeowners money.

Don’t let budget constraints get in the way – explore our convenient financing options, subject to approved credit.

Master Licensed and holding over 30 certifications.

Don’t just take our word for it – see what homeowners of Denver say about UniCo.

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As a part of our heating and cooling services, we install a variety of air conditioning and HVAC units. You can see some of our past HVAC work below.

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Save with HVAC Rebates

We have created this section for you to have resources on many aspects of HVAC and any new programs available that can help you save money. We love incentives & rebates to save our homeowners money where we can. Ask us about what rebates you’re eligible for and how to get them.

denver heat pump rebates

Denver Heat Pump Rebates

We're proud to be a top participant in the Denver CARe Rebate Program. 
xcel hvac rebates

Xcel Energy Rebates

We're a top Xcel Energy trade partner.
energy star federal 25c tax credit

Federal HVAC Incentives

Learn more about current federal incentives for new equipment.
UniColorado Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

Colorado Heat Pump Tax Credit

State of Colorado heat pump discount is available to eligible taxpayers.
Saved for our homeowners through eligible rebates in 2023
Average saved with eligible rebates in 2023
Rebate applications submitted by UniColorado in 2023
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We offer a variety of flexible HVAC financing options for homeowners.

RENU HVAC Financing
RENU is a financing program for high efficiency equipment through the Colorado Clean Energy Fund.
Wells Fargo Financing
Synchrony Financing
UniColorado Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrification - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is UniColorado?

UniColorado is a heating and cooling contractor serving residential customers in the Denver metro area.

What does UniColorado mean?

It’s our trade name, short for “United Colorado”. We refer to the company as UniCo internally and we welcome you to do so as well!

What services does UniColorado offer?

We offer the following services to residential customers:

  • Forced-air furnace installation, repair and maintenance
  • Central air conditioning installation, replacement, repair and maintenance
  • Heat pump installation
  • Mini-split installation
  • New construction HVAC
  • Indoor air quality services
Where is UniColorado located?

UniColorado’s office is located at 2700 W Evans Ave #100, Denver CO 80219

What's UniColorado's phone number?

UniColorado’s main phone number is (303) 997-0097

Does UniColorado offer Electrification Services?

Yes, UniColorado offers partial or whole home electrification services. We offer heat pump installation, heat pump water heater installation, electrical panel upgrades, EV charger installation, electric dryer and electric stove wiring.


We’ve also partnered with Denver’s leading solar firm to bring our homeowners additional savings and discounts. Contact us for more information.

What's the cost for HVAC repair with UniColorado?

We charge $120 to visit the property and diagnose HVAC issues (Diagnostic Fee). Repair pricing and options will be then provided upfront before any work begins.

The $120 fee is waived if we complete the repair or service for you. Most repairs are completed in the same visit.

For fastest service, give us a call at (303) 997-0097

Does UniColorado offer free estimates?

UniColorado offers free estimates as well as free second opinions for HVAC installations in the Denver metro area.

Whether you’re looking to install an energy efficient heat pump or replacing your existing furnace or conditioner with another system that helps you save money, our free estimate is an easy and fast way to get durable equipment at a low cost.

We offer a variety of heating, ventilation and air conditioning services.

How does scheduling work with UniColorado?

You can give us a call at (303) 997-0097 or request an appointment online. We’ll be in touch to confirm the appointment.

All appointments are scheduled in 2-hour windows with text notification when we head your way.


Does UniColorado offer rebates?

Yes, we offer all currently available HVAC rebates and incentives in Colorado for our homeowners including:

We do all the paperwork on our homeowners behalf and most eligible rebates are provided upfront as discounts.

Is UniColorado locally owned?

Yes, UniColorado a locally-owned family heating, air conditioning and electrification contractor serving the Denver metro area and all adjacent cities. 

Does UniColorado offer financing?

Yes, we have a multiude of HVAC financing options available.

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My furnace is not turning on

This is a fairly common issue, usually caused due to a lack of regular maintenance, which causes sensors to get dirty or break. We recommend scheduling a furnace repair so the unit can be thoroughly checked out.

My furnace is blowing cold air

This is usually caused by deferred maintenance and caused by dirty sensors or malfunctioning parts. Other causes are gas pressure issues, broken inducer draft motors, crossed wiring, bad thermostats or blocked flues. We recommend scheduling a furnace repair.

My furnace is turning on and off

This is most commonly caused by a dirty air filter, which causes the safety sensors in the furnace to turn it off, as it is not able to pass the hot air effectively. We recommend changing the air filter as soon as possible. If you continue to have issues, call for professional furnace repair.

How long do furnaces last?

Most residential gas furnaces are relatively durable and last anywhere between 10 to 20+ years, depending on maintenance and brand quality. 

Should I repair or replace my furnace?

It depends. Most furnaces will need a few repairs over the years, but generally not major ones. If you’ve had multiple issues with the furnace in a short period of time, or if the furnace is past 10-15 years old, it’s likely best to consider replacement. Major repairs like cracked heat exchangers, bad inducer draft motors and corrosion are often signs that furnace replacement is needed.

How much does UniColorado charge for a service call?

A furnace service call for furnace repair with UniColorado has a diagnostic fee of $120. This is for our technician to diagnose the unit and provide repair options. Repair costs are not included in this diagnostic fee.

How much does UniColorado charge for an installation quote?

New furnace replacement and installation quotes are always free with UniColorado.

What furnace brands are best?

Based on our experience and our love for durable appliances, we recommend Carrier and Trane/American Standard gas furnaces as the top quality units currently in the market.

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My air conditioner is not turning on

Common causes include a tripped breaker, blown capacitor or contactor  which can prevent the AC unit from starting. Start by checking the breaker and fuse box, then move to the thermostat settings. If those seem fine, call for professional repair.

My air conditioner is blowing warm air

If your air conditioner is blowing warm air, it could be due to low refrigerant, a dirty air filter, or issues with the compressor or evaporator coil. Start by checking and replacing the air filter. If the problem continues, call for professional AC repair.

My air conditioner is turning on and off

This issue, known as short cycling, can often be caused by a dirty air filter or refrigerant issues. Start by replacing your air filter. If the problem continues, it might be due to refrigerant leaks or other system issues. In that case, it’s best to have a professional check the ac unit.

My air conditioner is leaking water inside

One of the most common causes of indoor AC leaks is a clogged condensate drain line, which can be cleared with a vacuum or a pipe cleaner. Another common cause is low refrigerant levels, leading to coil freezing and subsequent thawing, can also cause leaks. Last cause is a dirty air filter which causes the indoor AC unit to freeze. Make sure your filter is clear and unobstructed. If the simple fixes don’t work, it’s best to call a professional to inspect and repair the system.

My air conditioner is frozen

If your air conditioner is freezing up, it’s often due to airflow problems or low refrigerant levels. Start by replacing the air filter to ensure proper airflow. Then turn fan on in your thermostat and cooling off for at least 12 hours to dethaw the system after changing your filter.  If the unit continues to freeze, it could be a sign of low refrigerant or a more serious mechanical issue. In this case, it’s important to have a professional check the refrigerant levels and inspect the system to diagnose and fix the problem.


My air conditioner is loud

A loud air conditioner can often indicate that the compressor is overworking or nearing failure. Another common cause is a dirty outdoor unit, which can obstruct airflow and force the system to work harder. Other common causes include low refrigerant, dirty air filters and low air flow inside the house.

How long do air conditioners last?

On average, air conditioners last about 10-15 years with proper maintenance. However, their lifespan can be affected by how often they’re used, how well they’re maintained, and the local climate. To maximize the life of your unit, regular servicing is essential. This includes cleaning the coils, checking refrigerant levels, and making sure all components are functioning correctly. Consistent maintenance can help your air conditioner run efficiently and last longer.




Should I repair or replace my air conditioner?

It depends. Most air conditioners will need a few repairs over the years, but generally not major ones. If you’ve had multiple issues with the air conditioner in a short period of time, or if the unit is past 10-15 years old, it’s likely best to consider replacement. Major repairs like compressor failure, significant refrigerant leaks, or extensive corrosion are often signs that replacement is needed. Additionally, newer models are more energy-efficient, which can save money on energy bills in the long run.

How much does UniColorado charge for a service call for air conditioners?

We charge a $120 diagnostic fee for diagnosing the issue. Repair costs are not included in this fee.

How much does UniColorado charge for an installation quote for air conditioners?

We offer free estimates for all AC installation and AC replacement projects.

What air conditioner brands are best?

Based on our decades of experience in the HVAC industry and our love for durable equipment, we recognize Carrier and Trane/American Standard as the best brands of Air conditioning units sold in the United States.

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What type of heat pump is right for me?

Generally, if you have ductwork in the home, a ducted heat pump is best.

If you have no ductwork, a mini-split heat pump is usually the pathway.

Are heat pumps expensive?

Yes, heat pump outdoor units generally cost 15-30% more than conventional air conditioning units; however, a variety of heat pump rebates and incentives equalize or lessen the price to conventional systems.

Are heat pumps efficient?

Yes, heat pumps are generally more efficient in their energy use, but this doesn’t necessarily mean costs savings on your actual bill in certain situations.

Are heat pumps reliable?

Yes, high-quality heat pumps are just as durable as traditional HVAC systems. At UniColorado Heating & Cooling, we rigorously test and evaluate new equipment annually to ensure reliability, so you never have to worry about being a manufacturer’s beta tester.

Are heat pumps cheaper to operate?

In heating mode, heat pumps are cheaper to operate in certain tempratures (Usually between 30° – 60° F) when compared to high efficiency gas heating. In lower ambient tempratures, as we experience in Colorado, heat pumps may be more expensive to operate.

This is considering no solar or energy offset.

In cooling mode, heat pumps are usually in the top tiers of efficiency.

Are heat pumps worth it?

Heat pumps are definitely worth a consideration for a variety of comfort and energy saving reasons. Heat pump technology is mature; with the right system design and installation expertise, heat pumps bring a lot of value to the table.

Heat pump technology has matured to an extent where it can be relied on for a variety of climates and use-cases. Electrification and fossil fuel concerns have also pushed governmental institutions and stakeholders to incentivize the installation of heat pumps.

Does UniColorado install heat pumps?

Yes, we’re one of (if not the) largest heat pump installers in Colorado. With over 10-years of practical heat pump expertise in CO, we know what heat pump systems work, what systems are headaches or cost sinks, what the newest technology is and most important of all, what heat pumps may be right for your home.

What are the available rebates for heat pumps in CO?

Depending on the property’s address and equipment, Xcel rebates, Denver Climate Action Rebates, State of Colorado heat pump discount and Federal incentives are a few of the available rebate programs.

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