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Bosch Heat Pumps.

Efficient heating & cooling for every budget.

-4° F Switchover

Up to $8,000 Local & Federal Incentives

19 SEER+


Impressive Tech Stack.

Ducted air source heat pump product line from Bosch packs remarkable engineering and flexibility.

Dual Fuel.
Fully Electric.

Available with a 96% AFUE gas furnace or electric air handler.

bosch bgh96 gas furnace
$2,000 Federal Tax Credit
$1,500 Colorado Tax Credit

UniCo handles the rebates on your behalf. Minimal paperwork.

High Efficiency.
Inverter Driven Compressor.

Achieves up to 20.5 SEER | 10.5 HSPF. IDS Premium Line is eligible for most heat pump rebates.


15 SEER Inverter Condenser.

Great choice for budget concious retrofits.

  • 15 SEER+
  • Gas Furnace
  • Electric Air Handler
BOVA- 24 36 60 HDN1-M15G

18 SEER Inverter Condenser.

Great choice for middle-ground electrification.

  • 18 SEER+
  • Gas Furnace
  • Electric Air Handler
BOVA- 36 60 HDN1-M18G

20 SEER Inverter Condenser.

Perfect choice for full electrification.

  • 19 SEER+
  • Gas Furnace
  • Electric Air Handler
BOVA- 36 60 36 60 HDN1-M20G

UniColorado Heating & Cooling

bosch home comfort pro
True Experts.

UniColorado is a Bosch Home Comfort PRO with hundreds of Bosch units installed in 2023. We know these units, inside and out.

Rebates. Incentives.

We offer Denver Climate Action rebates as well as Xcel Energy rebates.
We do the paperwork on your behalf.

Denver HVAC Contractor UniColorado
Heat pump pioneers.

We’ve been installing heat pumps in Colorado for over 10 years. Our practical knowledge has no match in Colorado.
UniColorado is the best choice for heat pump installation.


Starting at $16,600

before rebates, incentives & discounts.

Equipment, Material & Installation
Furnace + Heat pump combo
Average installation cost in 2023: $17,551
Average net investment: $11,642

air handler bva series seer and ids premium bova

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Bosch Heat Pumps

Bosch Heat Pumps are known for their efficiency and technology in providing heating and cooling solutions for residential homes. A key feature of these systems is the heat pump inverter. This tech allows the pump to adjust its power output to match the heating or cooling demand of your home rather being at 0 or 100% output. This results in reduced energy consumption and brings a consistent indoor temperature. Compared to a traditional furnace that’s either on or off, inverter systems are multiple generations of innovation ahead.

The Bosch BOVA 2.0 is a notable model in the Bosch Heat Pump line. It’s packed with features to deliver high efficiency, evident by its up to 20 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. The Bosch 20 SEER unit also comes with impresive heating performance which is a great fit for Colorado weather.

When discussing Bosch heat pump heating performance it’s important to note that they are one of the few manufacterers with low ambient temprature heat while staying above the performance metrics needed for heat pump rebates and incentives. Unlike traditional heat pumps, Bosch units are capable of providing reliable heating even when outdoor temperatures are close to 0 degrees F.

bosch heat pump outdoor unit illustration
bosch heat pump inverter

The Bosch IDS Premium features a high tech inverter driven compressor capable of heating up to -4 degrees F. In cooling mode the compressor is capable of adjustmets up to 50% total capacity.

bosch logo
Dual Fuel

One of the unique aspects of the IDS family is the ability to match a cold climate heat pump with a gas furnace for extreme climates like Colorado. This allows peace of mind for rare weather events and 80-90%+ of heating electrification on the heat pump.

bosch bgh96 gas furnace
bosch bva air handlers

Bosch Heat Pump FAQ

Is Bosch a Good Brand for Heat Pumps?

Yes, Bosch is known for their advanced technology and consistently ranks at the top of efficiency benchmarks in their product lines.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Bosch Heat Pump?

A Bosch heat pump typically lasts 10-15 years, aligning with the general lifespan expectancy for most HVAC equipment.

How Cold Will a Bosch Heat Pump Work?

The Bosch IDS Premium heat pump operates effectively up to -4 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for cold climates. Other product lines from Bosch have varying switch over points in line with the rest of the HVAC industry.

Are Bosch Heat Pumps Worth It?

Yes, Bosch heat pumps are a suitable investment if they meet your specific needs, goals and are the right fit for your home. UniColorado can assess whether Bosch is the right choice for your situation with a free estimate.

Does Bosch Make a Cold Climate Heat Pump?

Yes, the Bosch IDS Premium line is designed for cold climates and is considered a cold climate heat pump due to its eligibility for incentives and its low ambient heat rating (-4 degrees F)

Is Bosch IDS Eligible for Denver Rebates?

Yes, the Bosch IDS Premium line is eligible for up to $3,500 in rebates from Denver.

How Much Does Bosch IDS Premium Installation Cost?

in 2023, UniColorado customers, on average, spent $16,600 to $21,100 before rebates and incentives for the Bosch IDS Premium combo (gas furnace + cold climate heat pump + indoor coil). HVAC pricing varies depends on the project and each home is unique.

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