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Moving into 2023 and beyond, many homeowners in the greater Denver metro are turning to electric furnace installation for several reasons:
  • Reduce dependency on natural gas, the price of which seems to be climbing rapidly
  • Taking advantage of electricity generated by their solar panels
  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Take advantage of excellent rebates and incentives

Here at UniColorado, we provide a complete electric furnace installation service that removes the gas furnace and puts an electric air handler in its place. We’ve converted hundreds of gas furnaces in the past few years and we expect to do more and more in the near future. If you were looking for a heating and air conditioning contractor who knows what they’re doing, your search stops here.

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Why People Choose UniColorado

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Reasonable Pricing

We don’t rely on fake offers and coupons to attract customers. Our pricing is reasonable from the start and lower than most licensed companies in the Denver metro area. That’s a guarantee. Need a rough estimate? Check out our online cost calculator.

Fast Response

We were on-time 97% of the time in 2022. We can handle emergency repairs or installations so you don’t suffer in the cold. Schedule online or give us a call at (303) 997-0097 to discuss timing; We look forward to speaking with you about furnace installation soon!

Honest Experts

Our goal for furnace repair is to get your existing system back up and running as soon as we can at the lowest possible cost to you. If you need a furnace replacement or furnace installation, the equipment we offer will be the best at a lower cost than other companies will quote you. 

Our Electric Furnace Services

We offer furnace conversion services to the homeowners in the greater Denver Metro area

Electric furnaces/airhandlers require a 220v circuit that’ll be included in our estimate.

If you need a full electrical panel upgrade or a subpanel to fit your new electric airhandler, we’ll price that portion out too.

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Electric Furnace Installation Cost

ServiceCost Range
Electric Furnace Installation (incl. Equipment)$4,200 to $12,270
Electrical Panel Upgrade (if required)$3,200 to $5,200
Adding Electrical Subpanel (if possible)$1,400 to $2,800
220v Circuit Installation$600 to $2,400
Capping Gas Lines$50 to $220

*Based on UniColorado’s average Installation costs during 2021-2022.  Based on total paid for furnace/airhandler – standard efficiency (equipment + labor). HVAC Installation cost is variable & determined by a site visit. We offer free estimates for replacements.

Electric furnace installation is an attractive option for some homeowners and the pricing can have a wide range that depend on the following factors:
  • Existing Infrastucture: If you’re converting a gas furnace to electric, there’s a lot more work involved than replacing an existing unit
  • Location of the existing furnace: basement installations typically cost the least; attic and crawlspaces are typically more difficult and take more time and the costs will increase
  • The electrical panel Situation: if you electrical panel is full, you’ll incur additional electrical work costs to add a subpanel, condense down breakers or to fully upgrade your electrical service.
  • Distance between electrical panel and your existing furnace termination point: New electric furnace installation requires a 220v circuit to be pulled to where the furnace will be installed. The farther the furnace from the electrical panel, the more costly the circuit will be.

Whether or not electric furnace installation is the best choice for your project depends on your end goal.

What's good about electric furnaces?

Electric furnaces have several advantages, including:

  1. Increased efficiency: Electric furnaces output 100% of the electricity they burn as heat.

  2. Cost savings: Electric furnaces can become more cost-effective as the cost of electricity drops and as more renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, are becoming more prevalent, which can help to reduce the overall cost of operating an electric furnace.

  3. Environmental benefits: Electric furnaces do not produce carbon emissions, which can contribute to climate change and air pollution, unlike gas-powered furnaces, which are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.

  4. Safety: Electric furnaces do not have a flame and do not produce any combustion by-products which eliminates the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  5. Low maintenance: Electric furnace has fewer moving parts than a gas furnace, which means less wear and tear and less maintenance.

  6. Future proofing: Furnace electrification is becoming an important strategy to help buildings to decarbonize and comply with the increasing energy efficiency and carbon reduction regulations.

electric air handler

What are the downsides to Electric Furnaces?

Electric furnaces also have several limitations and challenges, including:

  1. Higher initial cost: The initial cost of installing an electric furnace can be higher than that of a gas furnace, as it requires a larger electrical service and may also require upgrading the electrical panel.

  2. Higher operating costs: The cost of electricity can be higher than natural gas; In Colorado, heating the same amount of space with a gas furnace will cost approximately 15-20% less than heating it with an electric furnace.

  3. Limited capacity: Electric furnaces typically have a lower heating capacity than gas furnaces, which can limit their use in larger homes or commercial buildings.

  4. Reliance on electricity: Electric furnaces rely on a constant and reliable electricity supply, which can be a problem during power outages or in areas with a less reliable electricity grid.

Electric Furnace Installation - UniColorado Heating & Cooling

Should I consider Electric Furnace Installation?

Whether or not you should consider electric furnace installation depends on your specific circumstances, including your energy needs, budget, and location.

Electric furnaces have several advantages, including increased efficiency, environmental benefits, and flexibility, but they also have some limitations and challenges, such as higher initial costs and higher running costs as electricity prices stand right now.

The electricity generated by a typical 4kw array in a residential home cannot support an electric furnace by itself so keep your running costs as a part of your decision making.

As it stands right now, it costs 15-20% more to heat the same amount of space with an electric airhandler compared to a natural gas furnace in Colorado. 

Electric Furnace with heatpump

electric furnace with heatpump

An electric furnace with a heat pump is an HVAC combination system that uses electricity to power the furnace and a heat pump to transfer heat from the air outside into the home. This type of system can be more versatile and efficient than a just an electric furnace because the heatpump helps with the heating load. The heat pump can also be used for cooling in the summer, making it a versatile option for year-round temperature control.

If you’re considering an electric furnace and heatpump combo, we have a variety of options to offer; from air-source heatpumps to minisplits, we can help you reach your electrification goals.

Electric Furnace Installation FAQ

Should I consider electric furnace installation?

It really depends on your goals in what you seek to achieve from installing an electric furnace;

If your goal is to reduce your running heating costs, in Colorado, as it stands right now, an electric furnace will cost more (approx 15-20%) to heat the home.

If your goal is to use your solar for heating, most electric furnaces burn 10kw per hour at fully capacity, which exceeds most residential solar panel electricity outputs by a factor of 2.

So, overall, if your aim is to completely get of natural gas now, electric furnace installation may be a good option to consider.

How much does it cost to convert a gas furnace to electric?

To keep it short, gas furnace electrification by itself typically costs around $7,800 – $12,500 including equipment and labor; the pricing varies widely between properties and specific equipment used.

What is electrification in HVAC?

Electrification in HVAC refers to the use of electricity as the primary source of energy for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. This can include the use of electric heat pumps, electric furnaces, electric boilers, and other types of electric HVAC equipment. The goal of electrification in HVAC is to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and increase energy efficiency, as electric systems can often be more efficient than those that use fossil fuels. Additionally, electric systems are also cleaner and have lower emissions, which can help to improve air quality and reduce environmental impact.

Natural gas switch to Electric

Switching a natural gas to an electric furnace is definitely doable and becoming more and more popular in 2023. 

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