Air ConditioningCommercialHeatingResidentialWhich furnace & AC brands are still made in America?

Originally published in Sept 2018 – Revised May 2021


We all love quality, American-made products. In the recent years, more and more companies have moved away from United States to produce their products in cheaper, less safe environments to save costs.

Here at UniColorado, we believe in the highest quality of any product we install to ensure longevity and safety for our customers. 


– Trane/American Standard:

Trane/American Standard is one of the best brands on the market today. The company is a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand, the successor company to the American Standard Companies. It makes products under the Trane and American Standard brand names as well as AmeriStar. Most Ingersoll Rand products are made and assembled in the USA. The build quality on their furnaces & AC’s is very solid & a notch above other brands, according to our installers. The cost is often higher, because Ingersoll Rand products ARE NOT SOLD to UNLICENSED entities.


** 2021 Update **: We have removed other manufacturers for the reasons below:

Certain other brands which will not be named here are marketed as American made, however these “lying” brands contain components that are not manufactured in America/are of very low quality.
These companies use reporting loopholes to say their products are American-Made, as an example, the product carries a “Made in USA” sticker, the main components of that product were assembled in a lower income country to save money.

Issues with these claiming to be American brands:

  1. Mainly, the internals are not assembled properly (lack of grease, sealant, bad brazing, bad connections, shoddy electrical work, etc)
  2. Their “warranty” often denies customers who are not at fault
  3. Their prices are cheaper, but they have a lot of planned obsolescence engineering
  4. The manufacturing/R&D money is instead spent on PR and executive compensation
  5. Some of these brands will sell to anyone who walks in the door, doesn’t matter if they’re licensed to install or handle such systems. It’s a free for all.


Brands our installers recommend as of 2021, based on build quality, durability and warranties:

Forced Air Gas Furnaces: American Standard / Trane / Ameristar

Central Air Conditioners: American Standard / Trane / Ameristar 

Tank Water Heaters: Bradford White

Tankless Waterheaters: Rheem or RUUD

MiniSplits: Mitsubishi Electric

Air Source Heat Pumps / Central Heat Pumps: American Standard / Trane


UniColorado is an authorized dealer of all major brands; when we recommend something, it’s based on real life expertise.