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Which furnace & AC brands are still made in America?

We all love quality, American-made products. In the recent years, more and more companies have moved away from United States to produce their products in cheaper, less safe environments to save costs.

Here at UniColorado, we believe in the highest quality of any product we install to ensure longevity and safety for our customers. Learn more about brands that are still made in the US of A below.

1. Trane/American Standard:

Trane is one of the best brands on the market today. The company is a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand and is the successor company to the American Standard Companies. It makes products under the Trane and American Standard brand names. All of their parts are made and assembled in United States. Trane is the favorite brand of our installers. American Standard is the “Lexus” of Trane, with the difference that American Standard uses older Trane technology.


Trane S9V2 96% ECM Multi-Stage Gas Furnace:                                          Trane XV18 Multi-Stage AC:





2. Carrier/Bryant:

Carrier is undoubtedly the biggest and largest brand of HVAC equipment in the United States. Carrier was founded in 1915 as an independent, American company, manufacturing and distributing heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Their products are manufactured and assembled in United States, with a rigorous quality check system. Carrier corporation often has the most advanced technology in their units.

Carrier Infinity 96%+ ECM Multi-Stage Gas Furnace:





Bryant is the same exact equipment as Carrier, just under a different brand. This customer favorite has long been in business, with most of it’s lines being manufactured in United States.

Bryant Evolution ECM Multi-Stage 97+% Gas Furnace                                        Bryant Evolution® Variable-Speed Air Conditioner





Final thoughts:

Certain other brands which will not be named here are marketed as American made, however these “lying” brands contain components that are not manufactured in America/are of very low quality.
In addition, certain companies use manufacturing loopholes to say their products are American-Made, as an example, the product carries a “Made in USA” sticker, however more than 60% that same product was assembled in a lower income country to save money.

UniColorado is an authorized dealer of Trane, Carrier, Bryant and all other major brands. We only offer high quality products with guarantees and warranties to back it up.

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