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RENU HVAC Financing

RENU Financing

RENU is a residential financing option with low interest rates and loan terms up to 15 years offered through the Colorado Clean Energy Office in partnership with 3 local credit unions. The RENU program includes financing options for high efficiency HVAC Equipment.

RENU Process

Step 1
Get your project estimated. Click here to schedule a free estimate.
Step 2

Apply for a loan with a participating lender.

Step 3

Choose terms & finalize the financing terms with the lender.

Step 4

Installation is scheduled.

Step 5

Project is completed and payment is disbursed to us (the contractor)

Participating Lenders

Westerra Credit Union (WCU)

*Rates subject to change
Last updated 5/01/2023
Current rates may differ*

Elevations Credit Union (ECU)

*Rates subject to change
Last updated 5/01/2023
Current rates may differ*

Monthly Payments Calculator
RENU Calculator

Estimated Colorado RENU Payments Per Month

*Based on Westerra's rate sheet from 05/01/2023. Please note that the shown payments are rough, simplified estimates to help guide your project and should not be interpreted as a finalized payment amount.
Please contact the lenders for exact pricing.

per month
per month
per month
per month
per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Which credit union do I pick?

Update: May 1st, 2023: The participating lenders have chosen to slightly raise rates; currently, Westerra has the lowest rate for the RENU program.

Who is Eligible for RENU?

Property owners of existing, single-family homes in Colorado including primary, secondary or income properties, as well as townhouses and condos that don’t have shared heating or cooling systems.

What Can You Finance with RENU?

Solar PV, Space Heating & Cooling, Battery Storage, EV Charging, Insulation and Air Sealing, Water Heating, Windows & Doors and more!

For a full list, please contact the Colorado Clean Energy Fund by clicking here.

Is my HVAC installation eligble for RENU?

RENU requires Energy Star certified equipment & other eligibility measures that we determine at the time of estimating for our customers.

If your estimate from UniColorado lists RENU as a financing option, your installation meets the requirements for RENU & you can apply through any of the three credit unions.


What are the RENU loan rates?

Generally, as of March 13th, 2023, the rates for RENU are starting at 5.24% for 760+ FICO scores for 36 months and vary by loan term and credit scores.

The RENU loan rates are variable & determined by the Colorado Clean Energy Fund based on the loan duration. For most up to date rates we highly recommend you visit RENU’s website by clicking here.

Are there fees associated with a RENU Loan?

There may be certain small fees (typically $5-$20) associated with the initial loan and credit union membership. In addition, RENU might charge a processing fee and a program admin fee that can be rolled into the loan. For full fee structure, please review the rate sheet for each credit union or contact them directly.

Can I pay off the RENU loan at once without penalties?

Yes, there are no pre-payment penalties associated with the RENU residential loan product.

Is there a deposit required when using RENU with UniColorado?

We reserve the right to request a deposit through RENU; RENU will provide a deposit and a final payment on the behalf of the customer.

Who is the program adminstrator for RENU?

The Colorado Clean Energy Fund. You can visit their website by clicking here.