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Colorado/Denver winters are known for being extremely cold and dry, and that means a working furnace or heating system in your home is of utmost importance.

Our highly-trained team of Denver furnace replacement technicians will guide you through and either install a new furnace or replace your old one with a system that will keep your home cozy for decades. We’re highly rated and pride ourselves on being transparent, priced lower than our competition and providing durable and reliable equipment with long warranties.

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Why People Choose UniColorado

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Reasonable Pricing

Our furnace replacement cost is lower than most companies charge in Denver. Need a rough estimate? Check out our online cost calculator.

Fast Response

We were on-time 97% of the time in 2022. We can handle emergency furnace installations or furnace repairs so you don’t suffer in the cold. Customer service is our priority and we look forward to serving you soon.

Honest Experts

Shopping for a furnace can become confusing; Our furnace experts will explain all details that you need to make an informed decision about your heating system. After all, your furnace will be serving your home for decades, so we want you to have the best possible value for your money.

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Furnace Replacement

If you’re looking to have a new furnace installed, we provide reliable equipment at competitive prices.

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Our technician will visit the property, do measurements and provide pricing.

Furnace Replacement Cost

Type of FurnaceCost Range
Standard Efficiency Gas Furnace$3,300 to $6,500
High Efficiency Gas Furnace$3,800 to $8,700
Electric Furnace$3,100 to $7,800
Single-Stage Airhandler - Heatpump$4,100 to $7,400
Variable Speed Airhandler - Heatpump$5,800 to $13,200

Furnace replacement cost in Colorado can be as low as $4,500 including all parts and labor.

Most of our customers spent around $4,700 – $5,500 to replace their furnace in 2022*. The total cost to install a furnace can vary widely.

Most furnaces last around 15-20 years on average but well maintained units can last as long as 30 years. The time to replace a furnace is when the unit is beyond repair due to age or parts availability.

Newer gas furnaces are often quieter, more efficient and provide more features which may be reason enough to upgrade your furnace.

*Based on UniColorado’s average Installation costs during 2021-2022.  Based on total paid for furnace/airhandler – standard efficiency (equipment + labor). HVAC Installation cost is variable & determined by a site visit. We offer free estimates for replacements.

Common Furnace Types

Standard Efficiency
High Efficiency
Electric Airhandler
electric air handler
Heatpump Certified

Furnace Features

Single-StageHeating has one stage. On or off.N/A
Two-StageHeating has two stages. Low & High.Gas Efficiency (~5-15%)
Variable-SpeedFurnace has multiple heating stages.Gas Efficiency + Sound reduction
ECMBlower has multiple levels of forcing air, controlled by sensorsBetter airflow
CommunicatingUses sensors to control the function of the system more finelyHigh square footage, multi-unit systems & zoning systems

We have complied a list of common furnace features & a simplified explanation of what the functions & benefits are. If you want to know what our installers at UniColorado think, they say less features is better, unless you have a specific need for them.

Electric Furnace Installation cost

As solar and renewables become more popular, we understand that some homeowners want to get off natural gas completely and switch to an electric furnace.

Electrical furnace installation costs can be higher than furnace replacement cost if you currently have a gas furnace. Converting a gas furnace to an electric furnace requires a new 220v circuit to be ran to the furnace location, which can be costly if your electrical panel is full or the location is difficult to access.

Due to Colorado’s extreme weather, we typically caution homeowners that converting a gas furnace to an electric furnace will increase their heating costs over the long term with no solar offset or other energy efficiency incentives.

We provide electric furnace installation services if you wanted to see if it’s a project you want to take on.

Type of FurnaceCost Range
Electric Furnace$2,100 to $7,800
220v Circuit for Electic Furnace$1,100 to $3,400

*Based on UniColorado’s average Installation costs during 2021-2022.  Based on total paid for airhandler – 10kw electric strip (equipment + labor). HVAC Installation cost is variable & determined by a site visit. We offer free estimates for replacements.

High Efficiency Furnaces

AFUE rating determines how efficient the furnace or heating system is in using gas. The typical furnace is 80% AFUE rated, meaning it uses 80% of the fuel it gets and 20% is wasted in heat loss.

A high efficiency furnace is any furnace with an AFUE rating above 90%. High efficiency units achieve this rating by recovering heat from the venting mechanism by switching from a metal flue/exhaust used in standard efficiency units to a PVC flue.

If you’re concerned with your gas bills in 2023, switching to a high efficiency gas furnace will typically cut 15-17% off your gas usage immediately after installation. High efficiency units can typically be retrofitted easily into existing ductwork and the PVC flue installation is doable for most properties and help save you money over the long run.

Xcel Rebates are also available for high efficiency furnaces.

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Gas Furnace Replacement

Gas furnaces are the most common variety of heating system in Colorado and for good reason; Our sunny state’s cold and dry winters requires a system that can heat the property at a fast rate while staying reliable and affordable over time. We understand that recent gas price hikes have made gas furnaces less attractive but they are still fairly popular.

We install gas furnaces on a daily basis and are authorized installers of over 30 HVAC brands. If you’re looking for gas furnace installation, we’ll provide an affordable price with an unbeatable quality of work. That’s a guarantee.

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Furnace Replacement Process

Furnace replacement process in short is removing an old furnace and installing a new one in its place. This typically includes disconnecting and removing the old furnace, installing the new furnace, connecting it to the existing ductwork and electrical system and testing.

The process may also include making any necessary adjustments to the duct-work and installing new thermostats or other control systems.

At UniColorado, our technicians are experts at furnace replacement & we’ve installed thousands of furnaces for Denver metro area homeowners; our work is neat and clean at a reasonable price.

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Furnace Installation FAQ

How much is a new furnace for a 1500 square-foot home?

Furnace replacement in Colorado for a 1500 sqft house will typically cost around $4,800-$6,200 depending on the type of equipment, furnace location and the complexity of the install.

When should I replace my furnace?

Typically, we recommend replacement when the unit has become older than 15 years and is not worth putting money into repairs.


Like any appliance, most furnaces have an expected lifetime of 10-20 years, lasting around 15 years on average.



What is included in furnace installation?

with UniColorado, it’s a turnkey replacement process for furnaces. The price you’ll be quoted is the final you price you pay for a fully functioning furnace and taking away the old furnace with all equipment, materials and labor included. 


  1. Install the selected system
  2. Remove & recycle the old system
  3. Clean up the installation area
  4. Test the system at length
  5. Installation is completed

How much does a furnace replacement cost?

A regular gas furnace replacement ranges from around $2,500 to $7,500. On average, the cost is around $4,500.


Can you repair an old furnace?

We can definitely try.

We ask that you keep in mind that as the unit ages, more and more parts can start failing randomly.

At a certain furnace age, it makes more sense to replace than repair, similar to an old car.

We charge $75 to check the unit and provide all options.

If you just want a replacement quote for your furnace, it’s a free estimate.

How much do you charge for a replacement quote?

It’s a free estimate to provide replacement or installation pricing for furnaces with UniColorado.

If you want your unit checked & repaired, the cost to come out is $75.

I'm not sure about replacing my furnace

If you’re not sure you need a replacement on a non-functional unit, we can check your unit out with a service call that costs $75. Our technician will fully check the unit and provide options.

If the unit is repairable, we will provide options. Keep in mind that as units pass the 15 year old mark, parts may not be available.

I want to get a high efficiency furnace

Great, we can definitely help! We provide installation services for high efficiency furnaces.

I want to get an electric furnace

Great, we can definitely help! We provide installation services for electric furnaces

I want to get a heatpump instead of a furnace

We’re pioneering Heatpumps in Colorado. From Air Source Heatpumps to Cold-Climate Heatpumps & Fully Electric systems, we can definitely help.

"Other" companies told me I need a furnace replacement, do I?

If your unit is 15-20 years old, the answer is likely yes.

If your unit is fairly new (under 10 years old) and/or has no major issues, it can typically be repaired.

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