MiniSplit Installation Guide

Minisplit installation is a modern & fairly easy way to add cooling or heating to your home; Minisplits are a great choice for houses that have no duct work or to condition the air of a specific area. They were designed for this!

If you’re considering a minisplit system, please read our recommendations below. We have spent over 30 years in the HVAC industry and seen them all. This is the same advice we would give to a family member.

  1. Product Quality: We regularly open & inspect products as manufacturers update products, typically on a quarterly basis. We examine the build quality, components, engineering & failure points including connectors, bearings, plastic parts, and the electronics necessary to keep the unit running. We’ve been installing a variety of HVAC units for a variety of projects for over 30 years, providing us with a special field expertise and understanding of the best unit that is worth spending money on.

Based on our years of experience installing Minisplit units, here is our brand ranking from best- to worst-performing:

  • Mitsubishi Electric MiniSplit Logo

    • Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi has manufactured mini-splits for over 40+ years. Thus far (written in August 2022), Mitsubishi is not building in failure points or planned obsolescence as far as we can see. Mitsubishi systems are built to last with great build quality, making them the best brand for a minisplit system in our installer’s opinion. UniColorado is a Diamond Dealer & offers a 12-year warranty for Mitsubishi mini split installations.


    • LG/Toshiba/Fujitso: These brands have a lower build quality and refinement than Mitsubishi, making them a lower ranked product. Similar to Mitsubishi, but priced the same & with less durability. All 3 brands are on the same level, more or less.



    • ChinaSplit“: You see a lot of Chinese Minisplit units on online marketplaces like Amazon & Ebay. They’re a new trend in “drop shipping”; Some vendors spend major money on online ads. Their main selling point is the low price, which unsurprisingly comes their primitive build quality & refinement. Chinasplit are typically the same basic domestic Chinese mini-split units sold under 1000 different brands. They typically come in kits which are laughingly terrible in quality in every way measurable as from the lineset copper quality to internal electronics has been skimped on; they’ve made it as terribly as they possibly could, sometimes dangerously-so. These online mini-split units very often have a low build quality & and typically fail within the first 6 months to 3 years of installation, making them the worst product money can buy.


Minisplit room installed in the wall
Wall Unit MiniSplit Installation In Modern Single Family Home
    1. Quality of Installation

      Minisplit installation is complicated as these systems are much more difficult to install exactly right compared to other HVAC products; if they’re not installed correctly, the units will fail prematurely. Minisplit units are supposed to last decades & priced as such. It takes over 30 different steps for correct installation of a single mini-split unit, so extreme attention to detail is necessary to ensure the minisplit installation is done correctly. Additionally, mini split installation cost can be anywhere between $6,000 to $30,000 depending on your home’s needs. You don’t want headaches & issues to pop down the line for not doing it right the first time. The factors below are part of your minisplit installation process:

      Correct Sizing: This is imperative for accurate installation of a minisplit. If a unit is to big or small for the space, short cycling can happen. A good HVAC technician will have extensive knowledge of how minisplits function to size one correctly .
      Unit Type: The most common unit types are wall or floor units that can be installed almost anywhere. In new construction, cassettes and ceiling units are most common, but highly unlikely to fit between an existing structure’s joists, which require 15 to 16 inches of full clearance in between each joist.
      Unit Efficiency: Minisplits are commonly high-efficiency cooling units (High SEER rating) and the typical differentiator between models & product ranges is their heating efficacy. There are three major types of minisplit systems: cooling only; heat pump (heating and cooling capacity); and cold climate heat pumps that can generate heat at any temperature and typically have a high-efficiency rating.



  1. Moving Forward

    If you want to pay the lowest you can for the best quality possible in the Denver Metro Area, give UniColorado a try. We take care of our customers needs & provide unbeatable prices with our quality of work.
    We care about what you get for your money.


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