HeatingResidential2 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring a Heating Contractor


Initially, hiring a heating contractor to install your system may seem easy; You just find someone, call them and that’s it, right?

The truth is that you can make a mistake and be conned by people described below, which means you run the risk of being stuck with a system that doesn’t work properly/at all. Below, you will find the two mistakes you should avoid when hiring a heating contractor.


  1. Hire the cheapest contractor immediately

    Our business attracts certain types of individuals who like to take advantage of everything and everyone. Colorado is full of HVAC companies with absolutely no certification or training on any HVAC system. These companies are much more common than you think; In most cases, they don’t know much more from the homeowner/what googling can tell them. These companies usually hire installers with some experience (maybe not even that) that are paid way lower than technicians in legitimate companies. These installers know basics of the job, but lack technical knowledge in sizing and installing the right equipment; even when they have some knowledge, they still cheap out and use the cheapest possible material to finish the jobs. In addition, these companies generally only last a couple of months to a couple of years due to their predatory nature, meaning any sort of warranty they offer is bogus and non-existent. They simply won’t exist to answer your calls.

  2. Choose cheaper brands, because saving money

    Certain brands that we cannot name here are advertised and marketed as “made in America” and with a “10-year warranty”. The reality of these cheap brands is “made and assembled in third world country with no technical regulations” and “declining-all-claims 10-year warranty”. These brands simply exist to fill a vacuum in the market for companies that are not qualified to be authorized dealers of major brands as they sell their equipment to anyone who walks through the door. They usually need to be replaced within 3-years and have common safety problems.

    Final thoughts:

    While “cheaper” prices are more attractive, truth of the matter is these cheaper prices are not achieved by “smarter” companies, but by cutting major corners. These companies cut corners on the equipment, material and the installers to save a few bucks and close up shop when it’s time. When choosing a heating contractor, make sure you choose certified contractors who have been around for a while.

UniColorado has over 35 years of experience in HVAC systems. All of our technicians are NATE, EPA & LEED certified. We are an Xcel Energy Rebate Partner.

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