ResidentialHow does the Xcel Energy Rebate Program work in Colorado?


How does the Xcel Energy Rebates work in Colorado?

We’ve all heard HVAC companies go on and on about rebates. Ever wonder how the rebate system works for furnaces and ACs? We are Xcel Energy Partners, so let us walk you through.

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  1. Step One: Initiation:

    At this step, the certified contractor (us) visits the customers home. The HVAC system is assessed and sized. Notes of current flaws, rips and shortcomings of the system are taken. After the visit, the technicians use Manual-J software to do a calculation load on the entire house. This calculation takes into account the structure of the house, mainly based on square footage. These calculations are used to find exact units that will get you the Xcel rebates. The customer is generally presented with the pricing of the new system at the first visit. This visit has no cost (UniColorado does not charge for new equipment!)

  2. Step two: Installation:

    At this step the units that were sized and assessed are installed by certified installers. These installers have passed training from Xcel and carry NATE certifications. They fix flaws that are not up to the mechanical code, as well as test the system after installation to ensure it’s up to spec.

  3. Step three: Application:

    After installation is complete, UniColorado files all applicable rebate applications on your behalf within 60 days. You don’t need to do anything!

  4. Step four: Waiting:

    After you receive a confirmation from Xcel, the rebate check is sent directly to you within 8-10 weeks.


That’s it! It really is that simple for our customers to get rebates up to $1750 from Xcel Energy on their new equipment.

UniColorado is a certified Xcel Energy Trade Partner.

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